Here you will find various documents and other resources for the faithful of St. John the Merciful.

Akathist Hymn To Our Lady of All Protection

After a beautiful epitaphios of the Theotokos was created for St. John the Merciful by Fr. Andrey Syrkin, parishioners at St. Johns brought several icon prints of the Theotokos and shortly thereafter a shrine was assembled in honor our most holy Theotokos shortly before the initial outbreak of Covid. A tradition of offering the Akathist Hymn to Our Lady of All Protection began via Webex videoconferencing each Monday at noon, primarily by the women of St. Johns. This tradition has continued and has become part of our parish life. To gain access to the Akathist meeting via Webex, you will need to either join the St. John the Merciful bulletin email list or to contact Fr. David directly.

To download the PDF of the Akathist Hymn to Our Lady of Protection, click here.

Theotokos Shrine at St John the Merciful Orthodox Church
Theotokos Shrine at St. John the Merciful Orthodox Church

An Order of the Blessing of Homes after Theophany

This page contains the signup sheet for House Blessings and a link to view/download a PDF of the service for having your house blessed.